Responsive Tables with Flexbox

HTML tables can be frustrating to use. They require a lot of boilerplate and nested HTML to solve such a simple problem. Let's explore an alternative approach using divs and Flexbox. This will give us the benefit of being able to create responsive tables that look great on all screen sizes.

Single Class vs. Multi Class CSS

As I have mentioned previously in my post on Modular CSS, structuring Sass/CSS is hard. One of the best ways to determine how clean and well structured the resulting CSS within a project is, is to take a look at the markup being used in project. Overly nested elements typically mean overly nested CSS and if you find it difficult to discern the purpose of the classes on those elements, the CSS itself is probably not semantically written. To add...

Sane Vim Working Directories

Vim's defaults are rather dated. Without syntax highlighting, line numbers, or a variety of other defaults found in most modern editors, the initial headache is always configuring these basic settings before starting with Vim. Despite the obvious visual settings, there are a number of Vim defaults that are not apparent when you first start learning Vim, or even after you have been using Vim for a while if you were fortunate enough not to run into an issue. For that...

Modular CSS with SUIT CSS

Structuring CSS is hard. I have worked on many projects where the CSS was just an afterthought, a hack to get the page to look a particular way. With the increasing interest in frontend tools and development, these days are behind us.